About Safe n Sure


Safe n Sure has been established since 1992, and was founded on our patented one piece wire stand to be used in-store as a merchandising aid to the gift and homewares retail sector. Being simple in design and unobtrusive in appearance, together with a minimal base cost, their success in Australia was immediate.

Entrepreneurial retailers saw the benefit of these low cost items as an add on sale to the product it was displaying and successfully applied huge margins. The additional benefit of on-selling was the stands were always clean and fresh whilst generating additional profits.

Safe n Sure recognised a niche market and began designing and manufacturing a range of plate display stands to suit the diverse range of plates, platters, bowls, plaques, trophies, books etc. etc. 'In-Store Shelf Merchandising Units' have been a widely accepted form displaying the original simple one-piece budget priced stands, and both the more ornate and elegant stands are now used to merchandise in-store. This offers the retailer the opportunity to sell a premium stand or offer the alternative budget priced simple original product.


Safe n Sure has a range of product to satisfy any store set up with both plain and decorator styles and finishes for both retail and end consumer in-home use.

In addition Safe n Sure has product specifically designed for professional in store merchandising with items such as dinner setting display racks, acrylic rises and mini shelving systems. Most importantly Safe n Sure offers real retail profit opportunities with non-seasonal regular repeat business.